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Sarris Interiors & Custom Canvas, a family-owned business founded in 1957, creates quality, sewn products that stand the test of time. The line has changed and expanded as customers requested different types of products for their homes, boats and businesses.

This has included some highly custom, unique projects, such as a saddle seat for a hot dog in a bun that Miley Cyrus rode through the air during her concert tour, machine covers for Dole, and heel/puncture-proof upholstered furniture. No matter how standard or seemingly outlandish the requests, prioritizing customer happiness and exceptional quality have always been paramount to the Sarris family.


History in the Making

In the early days, the company designed and imported table linens and fashion bedding for specialty and better department stores across the USA, under the name Sibyl Shepard Bedding. Byron Sarris had been in the industry for 25 years as a Regional Sales Manager for Martex, when he and his son Nick purchased Sibyl Shepard Bedding, and grew it into a national brand.

Prior to that, Nick had built sailboats, motorcycles and cars. After he and Byron bought the company, Nick learned to cut and sew fabrics and maintain sewing machines, and traveled the country to visit customers and design, set up and build trade shows.

Byron’s other son, Chris, joined the company in 1984, while earning a degree from Cal State University Long Beach. After graduating, Chris took on a full-time role with the family business, computerizing areas of the business operation to facilitate expansion and enable quicker turnaround from order to delivery. Chris called on stores throughout the USA.


To Cruise or Not to Cruise

In 1985, Nick bought and moved aboard his sailboat and planned to cruise around the world. While getting ready for his journey, a friend that owned a sail loft asked him to make a few boat canvas jobs for him. This led Nick to forego circumnavigating the globe and instead found Sarris Interiors & Custom Canvas. He soon outgrew his space at the loft and merged Sarris Interiors with Sibyl Shepard.


Made in America

Chris and Nick wanted to manufacture products in America, to better serve their customers and ensure quality. They expanded from boat canvas, interiors and fashion bedding to awnings and commercial covers.

Over the years Chris and Nick have built Sarris Interior & Awnings into a premier company offering the best in Marine Canvas & Interiors, Residential & Commercial Awnings, Custom Covers for Aerospace and Industrial applications.

They offer a wide range of custom products made specially for each customer’s needs.


Exterior and interior protective coverings for comfort on the water


Quality exterior coverings fitting for any property and any element


Retractable, functional and artistic outdoor shading and protection


Customized solutions designed for your next project.

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