Shade Sails

Protect from sun, wind & rain – Best Shade Sails in Paramount

Shade Sails, also known as Sail Shades,are designed using flexible materials that are then tensioned between several anchor points to cover a terrace, dining area or yard. They provide excellent shade while allowing the breeze to pass through.

Shade Sails offer a distinct look, allowing for creativity and custom shapes to suit your needs:
-Shapes can be square, rectangular or triangular
-Materials can be waterproof or permeable

Sarris Interiors can advise you on the fabric, shape, configuration and options to add strength based on your needs and desired look
Our professional installation team ensures that your shade sail is correctly tensioned and positioned, giving your property optimal protection from the sun, wind and rain.

Contact Sarris Interiors—your premier local awnings and covering manufacturer—for a free estimate today!

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