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Retractable Awnings add decoration, sophistication and cooling to homes, communities and all types of commercial facilities. Air conditioners don’t have to work as hard, resulting in significant savings over time, commonly reducing energy bills up to:

-26% percent in hot climates
-33% in more temperate climates, where they may even make air conditioning unnecessary

Awnings protect and prolong the life, condition and appearance of indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring and carpets. They add shade and cut down on harmful UV rays, so you and your guests or customers can comfortably spend more time outdoors.

For businesses, custom awnings can help attract customers to your location. Sarris Interiors will custom design your business’s awnings, adding color, graphics, designs and logos as desired to make your business stand out.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings
-Retractability allows for freedom to choose how much shade you want and when you want it
-Longer lifespan than other types of awnings
-While standard fixed awnings cost less initially, they are more likely to be damaged during bad weather, high winds and prolonged sun exposure
-Retractability keeps them protected during inclement weather

Available Features
-Motorized control for easy opening and closure
-Automatic wind and motion sensors to close and protect the awning
-Automatic sun sensor detection to enable the awning to open automatically when shade is needed from the sun
-WiFi links to your phone to operate the awning from anywhere
-Custom programmable opening and closing times
-Retractable front drop curtains can be added for even more shade

Types of Retractable Awnings
-Lateral arm
-Slide on Wire
-Drop curtains
-Motorized or hand crank

Sarris Interiors works with you to determine and design the best solutions for your property. We offer retractable awnings from Markilux, KEUSA and NUImage, all top of the line retractable awnings with lifetime frame warranties.

Contact Sarris Interiors—your premier local awnings and covering manufacturer—for a free estimate today!

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